2018 GÖRLI LOVERS (AT) A feature length documentary about a young couple in love who lives on the streets of Berlin – in production.

2018 THE SWAN (Canon C200, 30 min), D.O.P. and Co-direction for a fictional film together with internationally acclaimed director Bahman Ghobadi and Ahmad Heidari

2018 IMAGEFILM (Sony A7s, 4 min) for Christian Albrechts Universität zu Kiel

2018 SAUERSTOFF (div, 3:40 min), Musicvideo for Dorothea Breil

2018  FAUN – FEUER (RED Epic, 4min), Musicvideo for UNIVERSAL MUSIC GERMANY

2017  ENGELSGLEICH (2 videos, RED Epic), Musicvideo for UNIVERSAL MUSIC GERMANY

2017  MARIEMARIE (3 videos, RED Epic), Musicvideo for UNIVERSAL MUSIC GERMANY

2017  Exposé funding by VDD and Pro7 Sat1 for the feature film MARYAM AND DENNIS.


2016  LE FRUIT NOIR (RED Epic, 4min)   Fashionfilm for TESLA Motors and others.  Best use of music (BFFF), shortlisted for: Best Creative Concept (La Jolla & CNNF), Best Direction (BFFF), Best actor (CNNF), Best Cinematography (BFFF, La Jolla); Best German production (BFFF)

2015  THE ERLKING (RED Alexa, 3 min)   Musicvideo for a classical singer

2015  DIAMOND (SONY, 1:30 min)   Fashionfilm for howareyou Berlin. Shortlisted for Best German production (BFFF)

2015   FLORENTINE (RED EPIC, 30 sec)   Fashionfilm for cinema – Florentine Berlin

2015  THOUGHT IS TIME (photography, 1:12 min)   Experimental Fashionfilm for howareyou Berlin

2015  8 MUSICVIDEOS for the performer Katrin Mieckiewicz – as D.O.P. and director

2014  THE DIVER (Blackmagic, 12 min)   shortfilm for singer / performer Hanna Elina. More than 20 festivals worldwide (e.g. OAXACA), multiple awards

2014  ROGUES DESIRE (Canon 5 D, 1 min) Fashionfilm

2012  MELOVE (Canon 5 D, 1 min)   Fashionfilm for howareyou Berlin, Part of Best German production (BFFF)

2008 – 2018 Starting EXCERPTS FROM FILMS THAT DO NOT EXIST.   Until today more than 400 short films, sequences and teasers have been directed, shot and edited by H. Aufdermauer for actors. Among them: Tom Wlaschiha, Rolf Zacher, Sandra Hüller, Axel Prahl, Tessa Mittelstaedt, Anna Stieblich, Johannes Allmeyer, Thorsten Mertens and many more.

2007  A TIME FOR FISHES cinema feature film  (35mm/86min)   A half abondoned city in Eastern Germany: a young man who wants to break out and a brother and sister, who are on the run… A poetic post-punk-fairytale about love and responsibility. A coproduction of Lunafilm GmbH, HFF, SWR and MDR; supported by mbb Nominated for FirstStepAward 2007: best film, best actress, Förderpreis Deutscher Film at Hofer Filmtage 2007, Remi Award Houston 2008 Sao Paulo (competition 2007) & Shanghai (panorama 2008),

2007  ZAAR  (DV/13min) shortfilm  Mehdi, a young man from Teheran, turns back to his homeland in the south of Iran to find peace in an ancient Voodooritual.  (HFF Potsdam and ZDF dokukanal) Max Ophüls Festival 07, FAJD Festival Teheran 07, Oberhausen 07 

2006  MOTHER DURGA   (DVCPro/13min)  shortfilm  Being shot in a half documentary-way, it tells the story of a boy, who wants to be an idol maker in Kolkata. But his father has different plans… (HFF Potsdam and arte), Best Direction Award / Delhi 2007

2005  THE SECOND GLANCE  (35mm & photos /14min) experimental   A lovestory in still images…moving back to the point, where everything was beautiful. Kunstfilmbiennale Köln 2006 etc.

2004  JUSUF  (DVCam/13min) shortfilm  Jusuf comes back from a long journey, finding his turkish father lost in a culture, that was alien to both of them before.

2003  JAPAN IS UNDERNEATH documentary (16mm/13min)   Two 10 year old boys live in a village in Eastern Germany, that now only exists in their memory—cause there was coal underneath. Trieste Filmfest 06, Dokfilmfest Kassel 06, London 06, Miskolc etc.

2001  THE JUMP  (DV / 7 min) shortfilm

2000  THE RING  (DV/13min) shortfilm